C. Pazia Mannella
I am interested in solving an unknown factor of art and an unknown factor of life. –Eva Hesse

The process of creating a work of art is the point of it. I believe the emotion and labor of the maker can be translated to the object. My artistic intention is to evoke excitement and emotion by subverting mundane, commonplace objects. I am fascinated by the roles textiles play in human experience, unique among cultures, ideological classes, and racial identities. I discover that I have a wealth of material sources and aesthetic qualities from which I draw inspiration for my tactile sculptures, installations and wearables. Viewers can relate to my work because the materials I use pass through their hand or are worn on their body consistently during their lifetime. My material choices are transformed, due to repetitive construction techniques. My work is sculptural and also can be worn on the body. I explore the temporal, emotional experience and dialogue among artist, wearer and viewer. Currently, the collision of floral Tudor English textile patterns and the electric rainbow of hues used by 1970’s rock artists inspire me. I am researching concert and publicity images of David Bowie and the GTO (Girls Together Outrageously)’s and Tudor English embroidery and garment designs. Intense rainbow and neon colors vibrate in my work. Common contemporary materials like zippers, coffee filters, children’s barrettes, construction marking tape or mirrored paillattes are transformed to mimic the splendor of historical textiles. I am fascinated how for both time periods, the flamboyance of dress conveyed cultural ideals of power, wealth and will. I am drawn to the idea of fan badges and royal coats of arms. My intention is to illuminate the allegiance and pride in the symbolic representation of specific cultural identities.